Technical Service and Support

The purchase of foundry sand, metallurgical flux or refractories for metal casting is more than just physical properties and delivered prices. It represents your selection of a technical partner in the pursuit of quality, productivity and environmental objectives. From factory floor troubleshooting to developing the next generation of cathode barrier brick, our technical organization is constantly striving to add value with applications oriented research and technical support.

We recognize the dynamics of the metal casting process to be crucial to the development and optimization of metalcasting consumables. Through our continual product testing and applications experience, we have a thorough understanding of the major foundry sand core and molding systems, iron and steelmaking processes and aluminum reduction techniques. This applications database allows us to confidently recommend, formulate and predict performance of our products in your process. Staffed with proven technical experts and supported by the industry's most extensive testing and analytical facilities, our objective is to build long-term cooperative relationships and share in the goal of commercial success and growth.